How can I Pay for a Doctor Visit without Insurance?

Visiting the doctor on a regular basis ensures that you are healthy, but making those regular visits is easier for some than it is for others. What do you do when there is no insurance in place, yet still need the health care services offered by the primary care doctor Houston? There are many options for paying for care if you do not yet have insurance in place (although this is a good time to start looking). Here are a few additional options available to you.


Cash is accepted everywhere, and is generally the method preferred for payment. You will need to pay the cost of the services when rendered, so do keep that in mind.

Social Service Programs

If you are a senior or a low-income individual, many programs are out there designed to help you pay for the costs of the doctor care that you need. Look for such programs in your area and take advantage of what you can.

Don’t Delay your Visit

As we have mentioned, preventative care is always best, but you want to discover any potential health problem quick, reducing the amount of time that it takes for you to feel better, while also cutting costs.


For patients needing expensive care, financing options may be offered to you. Care Credit is one of the most popular options for financing. You need to complete an application and be approved to use financing options.

Going to the doctor is important, both when you are sick and when you are healthy. If you do not have insurance coverage, government programs are available. The above methods of paying for your care are also available. Take advantage of any offers that you can and do not stay away from the doctor.